How to Add UHIN to EDISS Connect


PURPOSE: The following are instructions for providers who are sending claims for Medicare Part A or B through UHIN and need to set up UHIN as their clearinghouse for Medicare.


EDISS Connect

Settings for Medicare electronic claims and reports can be viewed and changed in the EDISS Connect portal.

  1. Begin by logging in to If you have any difficulty logging in, please use the contact information provided in the portal.
  2. Go to Manage Providers.mceclip1.png
  3. Click on View Profile under the relevant provider’s name.mceclip2.png
  4. If there are no lines of business listed, click Add Another Line of Business and follow the instructions on the screen.


  1. If there is a line of business but no transactions listed, click + Add Another Transaction at the bottom and follow the instructions on the screen.mceclip4.png
    • If you wish to submit claims, ensure that the appropriate 837 transaction is selected.
    • If you wish to get electronic payment/remittance information, ensure 835 is selected.
    • In the Transaction Manager/ID section for each transaction, ensure that “UHIN/CH00219” is selected. This will allow the transaction to go through UHIN.
  2. If you need to update the settings for more than one provider, return to Manage Providers and repeat as necessary.
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