How to Copy or Move UHINt Preferences


PURPOSE: The following are instructions for copying the preferences saved in UHINt so that information such as provider IDs, patient information, and format preferences can be copied or moved to a new computer.


  1. UHINt must be installed on the new computer before the information can be transferred. To install UHINt, go to and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
  2. From the original computer containing the information you wish to copy, create an email. Select a recipient who can access email on the new computer. If you are the owner of both computers, you can address the email to yourself.
  3. Click on the option to attach a file to the email.
  4. Browse for the following folders:
    1. C: (May also be listed as “Local Disk C:” or “OS C:”)mceclip0.png
    2. Program Files (x86) 

      If a version with (x86) is not available, select the plain Program Files option.

    3. UHINt 2.5


    1. Data


    1. Select the file named “User.db3”


  1. Once the user.db3 file is attached, send the email.

From the new computer:

  1. Open the email.
  2. Download the attachment. You do not need to open or view the file.
  3. Save the file to: C:\Program Files (x86)\UHINt 2.5\Data
    1. For step-by-step instructions for finding this directory on the new computer, see steps 4a – 4d above.
    2. If your email program saves attachments automatically to your Downloads folder, browse to the Downloads folder. Copy or cut the User.db3 file from that folder. You can then paste the file into the same location described in steps 4a – 4d above.
  4. When you save or paste the User.db3 file in the Data folder, it will ask you if you would like to replace the version already there. Select “yes”, that you do want to replace.
  5. Log into UHINt. Verify that your information is displaying correctly.


If you have trouble during any of these steps, contact the UHIN Help Desk (877-693-3071 or for assistance.





The information herein is the property of UHIN, and is intended for the educational and training purposes of UHIN members only.


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