MYUHIN 10A Instructions


PURPOSE: The following are instructions for setting up and then sending 10A Prior Authorizations to Utah Medicaid through the MYUHIN portal.


Getting Access

Setting up Users

Logging In

Set Up

Notification Set-Up

Initial Provider Set-Up

Multiple Facilities

Sending and Viewing 10As

Sending a 10A

10A Workflow in MYUHIN

Editing a 10A

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Getting Access

Access to 10A in MYUHIN is granted to each user individually so that each user has their own login. Since each username is based on the email address (the non-secure email you use for daily business), each user must have their own email address.

Setting up Users

You can request new users by filling out the 10A Prior Authorization User Form and submitting the completed form to Once UHIN has set up your users, each user will receive a welcome email with training information. 

If you need to notify UHIN of a change to a user, such as a change in contact information, please send an email to with the update.

To remove access for a user, simply send an email to with the name of the user and the system(s) where their access should be disabled.

Logging In

Follow the below steps to log into MYUHIN:

  1. Click on the link to
  2. If you have logged in previously, enter your non-secure email address in the Username field, type your password into the Password field, and then click Sign in.
  3. If this is your first time logging into MYUHIN, or if you don’t know your password, begin by clicking on the Forgot Password?


  1. Type your non-secure email address into the Email Then, click Email Me.

           mceclip1.png                 mceclip2.png

  1. The system will send an automated email containing a security code to your non-secure email address. Go to your email inbox and find an email from UHIN Notifications.


  1. Open the email to find the security code. Make note of this code or highlight and copy it.


  1. Type or paste the security code into the MYUHIN web page under Security Code.


  1. Click on New Password and type in a password. This will become your password for the next 90 days. Passwords must:
    • Be 10 characters long
    • Include uppercase and lowercase letters
    • Include one number
    • Include one special character (such as ! @ # $ % etc.)


  1. Type your password a second time into Confirm Password.
  2. Click Update Password.
  3. Once your password is updated, you will be prompted to log in. Enter your email address in the Username field, type your new password into the Password field, then click Sign In.


  1. As this will be your first time logging into MYUHIN after changing your password, you will be prompted to add another security code.
    • Click the Email Me
    • Check your email inbox for a new email with a new security code. Type the security code from the email into the MYUHIN screen. If the code is correct, the home screen will load automatically.



Set Up

Please complete the steps in this section before sending your first 10A Prior Authorization.

Notification Set-Up

MYUHIN has a notification feature, which will send an email to your non-secure email address when something requires your attention.

  1. To set up your notifications, begin by finding the user icon in the upper-right corner next to the user’s name.


  1. Click on the name or the user icon, then select My Account.


  1. Scroll down the page until you see a section titled Notification Preferences. In this section, enter your preferences for receiving notifications to your non-secure email:
    • Send Notifications
      • Instantly: Every time a 10A reviewer requests information or finalizes a 10A Prior Authorization, you will receive an immediate notification email in your non-secure inbox.
      • Daily: Every day, a summary of requests for information or finalized 10A Prior Authorizations will be sent to your non-secure inbox.
      • Weekly: Once a week, a summary of requests for information or finalized 10A Prior Authorizations will be sent to your non-secure inbox.


  • Send Notifications For
    • Account Updates: If you would like to receive a notification when changes are made to your MYUHIN account, check this box.
    • Attachments: This is unrelated to 10A; we recommend leaving this box blank.
    • Prior Authorizations: This will allow notification for 10A Prior Authorization activity. We recommend that you check this box.


  • Send Notifications
    • To: This field will show the email address for the user; it is not editable, so the user will always receive the email notifications.
    • CC: If you would like an additional email address to receive these notifications, type the non-secure email address into the CC field. When you have finished, click the green checkmark button.
      • Once you have added a CC email address, you will have a new box to enter additional CC recipients, if you wish.
      • To remove a CC address, click the red button to the right.

            mceclip14.png  mceclip15.png

Initial Provider Set-Up

You must add at least one provider to MYUHIN before sending 10A Prior Authorizations. This is a one-time process.

  1. Click on the Providers tab in the main menu on the left.


  1. Click Create Providers on the left or + Create Provider on the upper-right.

                  mceclip17.png          mceclip18.png

  1. Fill out the requested fields.
    • Mailing Address
      • NPI: enter an organization or individual NPI associated with your attachments. If you work with multiple facilities, make sure that the NPI you are adding is correct for the facility listed at the top of the screen.
      • NPI Type: select an option from the drop-down menu to indicate whether the NPI entered above is an organization or individual NPI.
      • Primary Taxonomy Code: enter the primary taxonomy code associated with the NPI entered above. If you don’t know the taxonomy code, you can find it by searching the NPI on; the results will include the taxonomy code.
      • EIN: enter the organization EIN/Federal Tax ID.
      • Basic: fill out the available name fields in the section for basic information.
      • Fax: enter a fax number, if applicable. This field is optional.
      • Telephone: enter a contact number to receive any inquiries from the receiver.
      • Street Line 1: fill out a mailing address.
      • Street Line 2: enter secondary address information, if applicable. This field is optional.
      • City: enter the city name.
      • Zip Code/Postal Code: enter the address’s 9-digit ZIP code without dashes (ex. 841015678). If you don’t know the last 4 digits, you can look them up at
      • State: enter the two-digit state code in uppercase (ex. UT).


  • Location Address

If the physical location is the same as the mailing address, select the Copy Mailing Address button to the right.


If it is a different address, proceed with entering the appropriate information. All fields are the same as those listed under “Mailing Address.”

  1. Click Save.


Multiple Facilities

Although you will be working in and viewing a single facility at a time in the MYUHIN platform, you can still be associated to multiple facilities. The top of the screen will display the facility you are currently working in and viewing.


To switch to a different facility, click on the drop arrow next to the facility name/account number. You will see a list of the facilities you can access.

Click on a facility to switch to that account.


When setting up your facility information in the Providers section, ensure you are working in and viewing the correct account before you begin entering the facility information.


Sending and Viewing 10As

Sending a 10A

Use the steps below to create and send a new 10A Prior Authorization.

  1. Click on the Prior Authorization tab in the main menu on the left.


  1. Click the + New Authorization


  1. Begin filling out the form.
    • Service Facility: Use the drop-down menu to select a facility that was set up through the Providers tab in the main menu. If you have a long list of facilities, you can search by clicking in the box and typing a facility name.
    • Patient: If you have entered any patients into the MYUHIN portal, you can use the drop-down menu to select a patient, or you can search by clicking in the box and typing a patient name.
      • If the patient has never been entered in the MYUHIN portal, click the green button. Enter as much patient information as you can, then click Submit.


  • Admission Date: Enter the date the patient was admitted to the facility. If this was a readmission, check the box above the date field titled, Is this a readmission?
    • Checking the Is this a readmission box will cause the form to add another field. Enter the date the patient was previously discharged to the Discharge Date field.


  • Diagnosis Codes: You may enter up to 8 diagnosis codes. Type the first ICD-10 code into the Diagnosis Codes Click on the green + button to enter additional codes.


  • Is this patient on hospice?: If the patient is on hospice, check this box. Then, enter the start date and end date for hospice coverage.


  • Select a File: You must attach at least one file before submitting the 10A Prior Authorization. You can drag and drop files from your folders into the box, or you can click the + Add Files button to browse for files.
    • Files should be in a non-editable format such as PDF, JPG, or PNG.
    • Each file may be up to 500MB in size.



  • Comments: You may type a message in the Comments
  • When done, click Submit Attachment.




10A Workflow in MYUHIN

On the main Prior Authorization screen, you will see a list of all in-progress 10A Prior Authorizations.


Clicking on a line will show you additional information about that 10A in a panel to the right.



Once you have submitted a 10A Prior Authorization, it will appear in the list on the main screen. It will begin with the status Submitted.


The Status will change as the 10A moves through the prior authorization process:

  1. Submitted – The 10A has been sent, but no action has been taken yet.
  2. Assigned – The 10A has been assigned to a specific reviewer at Utah Medicaid. No action is required from you at this time.


  1. Needs Info – The reviewer has determined additional information is needed and is asking you to provide this information. Check the Activity log for a note from the reviewer with details about what you should send. Reference section Editing a 10A for instructions on how to send additional information.




When a 10A requires action from you and has NOT been opened, the text will be bolded, and you will see a blue dot on the left side.

Once you click on the line, the blue dot will disappear, and the text will become un-bolded again.

  1. Accepted/Rejected – The 10A has been either accepted or rejected.


  1. Finalized – the 10A has been moved into the Finalized


Any time the Medicaid reviewer sends the 10A back to you, whether they need more information or whether the file has finalized, you will receive an email notification according to the preferences you set up in the Notification Set-Up step.


To search for a specific file, type into the search bar at the top of the list. 


You can search by the following types of information:

  • 10A Prior Authorization Number
  • Patient Name
  • Member ID
  • Group ID
  • Facility/Provider NPI
  • Facility/Provider Name
  • ICD-10 Codes

Once you have searched for something, to go back to the main list delete everything in the search field, then hit enter.

Editing a 10A




Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, look for the Help button in the bottom-right corner of the page. You will be able to request help, and UHIN Customer Service will get back to you as soon as possible.



The information herein is the property of UHIN, and is intended for the educational and training purposes of UHIN members only.


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