EDI Enrollment on MYUHIN


Purpose: Use these instructions when you need to add a provider or connect to a new payer for electronic transactions. 

  1. Log in to MYUHIN. (Don't have a MYUHIN account? You can request access here.)
  2. If your MYUHIN username is linked to multiple UHIN accounts, check the top of the page to ensure you are viewing the appropriate account HT#. Use the drop arrow to toggle between accounts.


  1. In the left menu bar, find and select the Enrollment option.


  1. Type an NPI you would like to enroll, then click Lookup.


  1. MYUHIN will compare the NPI to the national NPI Registry. If it finds a match, it will ask, "Is this you?


  1. If the name and address information looks like it is for the right person, click Yes. Otherwise, click No. (If MYUHIN found the right identity but the contact information is outdated, don't worry. You can edit the contact information before submitting. You may also want to consider updating the information on the NPI Registry by going to https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov/#/.)


  1. Search for any payers you need to add for this NPI. You can add multiple payers from this screen. (Can't find a payer in the list? Send an email to enrollment@uhin.org. We will verify whether the payer is listed under another name.)


  1. Begin filling in the form fields. You can edit the pre-filled answers as needed.
  2. If you need to associate rendering providers to this enrollment, you can add multiple rendering provider names and NPIs.


  1. At the bottom in the Transaction Selection section, check the transactions you would like to enable with the selected payers.


  1. When you are done, click Submit. You will be notified when enrollment for your selected payers is complete. If additional documents are required by the payer, UHIN's Enrollment department will send the documents to you.



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