Easy Print Instructions


The following are instructions for using the Medicare Remit Easy Print software to view 835 files (electronic remittances).

  1. If you use UHINt 2.6 to send and receive transactions, log into the software. Otherwise, download files through your normal method and skip to step 4.


  1. Wait for UHINt to download all available reports. You will know when it is done when a window titled “Download Status” pops up.


  1. Once you receive the “Download Status” pop-up, close or minimize UHINt.
  2. Open Easy Print.


  1. To bring an 835 into Easy Print for viewing, click Import in the upper-left corner.


  1. You will see a list of available files. Please note that Easy Print can only display the 835 file type.
    • To filter the results by file type, use your mouse to hover over the word “Type”.
    • Click the arrow that appears.
    • Check the box next to the 835 file type. This will ensure only 835 files are displayed.


  1. Select the file you wish to view. The Date modified column will indicate how recently the file was downloaded from UHINt.
    • Once you have selected the file, click Open at the bottom.


  1. See the diagram below for explanations of the information on the main screen.


  1. To view full details on a payment, click the boxes next to the patient names for which you want detail.
    1. If you want details on all patients in that remittance, use Check All at the bottom.
    2. Once the desired patient names are checked, select Claim Detail.


  1. The Claim Detail view shows all details of the payment. See the diagram below for information on some of the fields.


  • View of the glossary:


  1. To print, click the Print button on the bottom-left.



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