Is Your Practice Management (PM) System or EHR Compatible?


If you have a Practice Management (PM) system or EHR, or if you are contemplating getting one, how do you tell if this system can send claims to UHIN?

Use the below questions to determine if your current or potential system is compatible with UHIN:

  1. Ask the software vendor if their product creates compliant ANSI X12 claim files. ANSI X12 is a standardized format for electronic claims; UHIN requires (as do most clearinghouses) that claims be sent in this format.
  2. Ask the software vendor if the ANSI X12 files can be exported from the software to a location on your computer. This is important because some software systems can create the correct format but cannot export the finished claim from the system. Instead, claims are hard-coded to go through a specific clearinghouse that can't be changed. If you would like to use UHIN as your clearinghouse, your system must allow the finished claim files to be saved to your computer.
  3. Ask the software vendor if you will be able to customize the Sender IDs, Receiver IDs, and Payer IDs. The IDs in these fields will need to be ones that work with UHIN's system, so it's critical that your software allows you to make changes to these IDs.
  4. Optional: If you will be sending claims to Noridian Medicare (Part A or B), it is helpful if your software can create more than one type of claim header. Ask the software vendor if their product allows you to create multiple envelopes. If not, some enrollment updates with Noridian Medicare may be necessary, but UHIN can still accommodate your Medicare claims.

If the software vendor confirmed that the answer is "yes" to questions 1-3, then the software is compatible. If the answer to any of the first three questions was "no," the software is not compatible with UHIN.


If you have any additional questions about compatibility, please contact Customer Service at 877-693-3071 or

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