UHIN is excited to release a new, web-based claim submission tool in MYUHIN that will replace UHINt 2.6! Read on to find out more about the tool and how to make the transition.

Will the new tool completely replace UHINt 2.6?

Yes. With one exception, all of UHINt's current functionality will be moved to MYUHIN so that the UHINt 2.6 software can be retired.

The new claims tool will completely replace the Professional claim form and the Institutional claim form from UHINt 2.6 before UHINt is retired. The first releases are focused on the ability to submit a primary Professional and Institutional claim. Additional abilities (such as submitting Coordination of Benefit or secondary claims) will be added in subsequent releases.

After careful consideration, the new claims tool will not offer a hand-entry option for Dental claims. If you have, or can obtain, a compatible Practice Management software where you can enter your claims, you can submit those claims through UHIN.

For more information about how to determine compatibility, visit

What's different about the new tool?

The new MYUHIN claims tool brings some exciting new functionality to improve your claim submission experience!

  • Web-based: The new tool is web-based, which means it operates entirely from the MYUHIN website. There is no download, and no special computer permissions are required. This makes the tool automatically compatible with any system that can run the Google Chrome web browser. 
  • Shared patient and provider lists: In MYUHIN, the patients and providers you enter are saved to MYUHIN, not to your local computer, and they can be viewed by other users in your organization. You no longer have to worry about re-entering the same patient/provider information after changing computers or when coordinating between multiple users in the organization.
  • Individual user credentials: MYUHIN requires a unique login for each user. Usernames are based on each user's email address. Anyone who already has a MYUHIN login can use that same login to send claims.
  • Service-line note field: In UHINt 2.6, entering a note for a specific service line requires a cumbersome workaround. In contrast, the ability to add a note on a service line has been built into the MYUHIN claims tool, making it faster and easier to use.

This is not an all-inclusive list, so check out the new MYUHIN claims functionality to see more! 

When will the new tool be available?

The ability to submit Professional claims is available now in MYUHIN! We encourage anyone currently using UHINt to submit Professional claims to start sending those claims through MYUHIN. 

The Institutional claim form is currently being built, and we expect it to be available soon. Watch for an announcement, as we will let you know when it's ready.

The ability to create Coordination of Benefit (COB) claims, also known as secondary claims, is scheduled to be added after the basic Institutional claim form has been completed.

How long will UHINt be supported?

While we encourage users to switch to the new tool as soon as it supports your type of claim, UHIN will install, repair, and train users on UHINt 2.6 through December 31, 2020. 

The final sunset date for UHINt will be March 31, 2021. All current users should have transitioned off of UHINt 2.6 by this time, as the software will no longer function after this date. 

How do I get access to the new tool?

To get access to the Claim section of MYUHIN, just email with your Trading Partner Number (TPN). Example: HT001234-001.

Once you have been granted access, log in to MYUHIN on Instructions for getting started with the tool will pop up the first time you visit the Claims section. Step-by-step instructions are also available at

If you are not a UHIN member, you can become a member by visiting our New Account Setup page

How do I send in ideas for improvements to the software?

UHIN encourages MYUHIN users to share any and all ideas for enhancing our tools. Visit to submit your ideas or up-vote ideas submitted by others. You will even be notified as UHIN reviews your request(s) and determines if or when your idea(s) can be implemented.



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